Specialty Care Group

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Psychotherapy / Counseling

When you choose us, you join a community that believes in a holistic approach to both mental and physical wellness.

We are able to deploy experienced licensed professional who are able to provide psychotherapy.


Kidney Wellcare & Nutrition

Our team of licensed Dietitians and LCSW (Social workers) known as lifestyle interventionists focus on improving your outcomes. Our RD’s will work with you to meet you where you are in your journey to Kidney Wellcare.


Get Answers & Support

Our team has the knowledge and expertise. We will change the way you live forever. The advanced planning and support that we offer makes it possible to build community, together! If you are unsure about who to refer please see our referring partners page.

What is Dialysis:

Dialysis does the work of your kidneys. The job of your kidney is to remove waste products form your body, remove drugs from the body, balance your bodies fluid and release hormones that regulate blood pressure and they produce an active form of vitamin D that promotes strong and healthy bones.


What We Do:

Kidney WellCare & Counseling is a specialty care group, specializing in combating the two leading causes of kidney failure, which are diabetes and hypertention.
No matter if you were just diagnosed,receiving dialysis, working toward transplant and or post transplant, having a team support approach will help keep you on the path to meeting your goals.

Our programs consist of 6 sessions within a year, (can vary upon individual) with 3 being social work focus and 2 nutrition and diet focus. Are personally designed prorgam will help you manage and possibly put you on the path to reversing the effects of your chronic illness. 

If you have further question please inquire at info@wellcarestl.com and or by phone: 314-750-6941