Referring Partners

Kidney Counseling Partner Patient Referral


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Welcome & to whom it may concern.

About Us – Kidney WellCare & Counseling is staffed by experienced and licensed Social Worker and Dietitians. 

What we offer

Depending on where you are in your chronic illness journey our licensed Social Workers and Dietitians can help you manage both your physical and mental health in a sustainable way. 

Who can I refer? 

The list below does , in no way, exhaust the reasons for referring someone but it does provide some direction.

  • Newly Diagnosed ESRD
  • Diabetes, newly diagnosed
  • Diabetes, not controlled
  • Dialysis patients who are struggling with compliance 
  • Dialysis patients with frequent hospitalizations
  • Dialysis patients suffering from depression
  • Hypertension/Diabetes patient who would benefit from more support services
  • Patient who wishes to make progress toward transplant. 
  • Post kidney transplant patients
  • Patients who kidney function is declining
  • Patients with chronic kidney disease
  • Depression 
  • Anxiety 
  • People suffering from Chronic illness distress